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There are more than 100,000 abandoned children in Romania and thousands more living in extreme poverty, suffering and dying from health conditions routinely treated in the West. It was the introduction to this charities’ founder Robin Nydes that inspired Lisa B to launch M4C. Lisa has visited many of the projects in Romania being supported and initiated by FRODO. As a result, we recognize the undisputable need to raise awareness and financial support to help the plight of more than 100,000 existing Romanian orphans & abandoned children being subjected to intolerable institutionalisation. F.R.O.D.O. Work in partnership with local hospitals, child protection authorities and other NGOs to ensure that disadvantaged children are identified and cared for.

Hydrocephalus - or ‘water on the brain’ - is often not visible in the UK because it can be diagnosed and treated at a very early age – if not before a child is even born. But in Romania, children are often left untreated, resulting in horrific swelling of the skull to 2 or 3 times the normal size, which then causes increasing headaches, brain damage, brain death and then physical death.

Mothers4Children is providing support to put in place a program to ensure that no child goes untreated in Romania, resulting in this horrific spiral of pain and death.


F.R.O.D.O is working with Romanian neurosurgeons to develop a new approach to hydrocephalus. Ensuring that children born with the condition are treated and do not suffer a long drawn out painful death.

“Through Mothers4Children, Lisa and the Board, have transformed the lives of hundreds of children and the potential for a better life for thousands more. F.R.O.D.O is immensely grateful to Mothers4Children for their support of our work in Romania. This work, both under our F.R.O.D.O.Kids Medical and our F.R.O.D.O.Kids WellBeing programmes, makes a huge difference to the lives of individual children with disabilities and the future lives of children with disabilities abandoned into state-run institutions where, cared for by untrained and often uncaring staff, they lead lives lacking in love, fun, education, growth and hope.”

Vanessa Cummings, former Chief Executive, F.R.O.D.O.

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